22 July – 10 September 2017

“I have been painting the Penwith landscape for nearly twenty years, yet it still has the power to surprise, to present something previously unnoticed on my frequent ramblings across the countryside.

The differing seasons and varied weather pattern ensure that I’m never short of material. The ever present but changing yellow glow of windswept gorse, blue sky stretching above and beyond; the visceral excitement of watching the sun, cloud and rain sweep across the landscape; the crash of waves upon shore in a winter storm.

The high moors of Penwith and the wild rugged boundary of its coastline recall a primitive connection with the soul of the land. It is an ancient and elemental landscape where nature is a force to be reckoned with and to be respected. Man has made his mark here too, as can be witnessed from the remains of so many human settlements down through history to the relatively recent isolated cottages. Hewn from local granite some appear to be doing their utmost to become one with the landscape again. All have endeavoured to survive and have succeeded through respecting and working with the forces of nature and landscape which these forces have created.” Neil Davies 2017